FAQ - my Riese & Müller

Where do I find my documents (order, invoice, delivery note)?

All your documents can be found under “My lists”.

Can I contact Sales, Accounting and Service directly via my Riese & Müller?

Via “My lists” in the document view --> “Documents”, you can send your questions directly to the department responsible.

Can I view my contract terms via my Riese & Müller?

You will find your contract terms under “My account” --> Pre-order conditions.

How are the production dates calculated during configuration?

The production date within a series may vary depending on equipment, frame height and colour, and is calculated on the basis of commitments from our suppliers.

Where can I find current information about my marketing budget?

You can find the original and current status of your marketing budget under “My account” --> “Account overview”.

When are new “immediately available bikes” entered into my Riese & Müller?

“Immediately available bikes” are added at sporadic intervals, as soon as stocks are available.

Are the production dates binding?

The production dates are non-binding, expected dates, as we calculate them based on the basis of commitments from our suppliers. Our capability to compensate for potential production delays is limited.

How can I use the variant key?

With the variant key, I can call up an exact configuration via the search function in my Riese & Müller and www.r-m.de.

Can I set the purchase price/retail price view to remain fixed?

It is not possible to fix the view settings. The settings last used are always re-applied.

Starting when can I view the PDFs from “My lists”?

The order confirmation is created after the order has been checked. The delivery note and invoice are provided after the order confirmation has been created. All documents are added to “My lists” during the nightly update process.

What accessories can I order via my Riese & Müller?

In the shop, you can obtain all replacement parts for current models that have been developed exclusively for Riese & Müller. You can order replacement parts for older models from our Service department (extension number -55). We do not offer replacement parts for other manufacturers – these can be obtained from accessory distributors.

Can I edit my contact details via my Riese & Müller?

No, to edit your contact details, please e-mail your In-house Sales representative.

Can I have a product photo displayed during bike configuration?

Yes. Using the “Bike configuration at www.r-m.de” link in the Configurator, you can directly access all product information, including a photo.

Can I add a note to orders, e.g. customer name or other information regarding the order?

Yes, in the shopping cart and backorder list, you can add an individual note to your orders.

Why is there no delivery time list any more?

The delivery time is calculated individually for each configuration. The delivery time may vary depending on equipment, frame height, colour, and other options. Due to regular adjustments to delivery dates and the broad array of configuration options, it is not possible to display a delivery time list.


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